Wernfawr Charollais major production sale preview

I had the pleasure of heading to Talgarth last week to photograph the Curran family’s Charollais offering for their major production sale which takes place at Hereford Market on the 19th October.

Take a look at the girls below and once the catalogues are out I’ll be adding that in to the post as well. For enquiries please contact Paul on 07818607204 or by email wernfawr@charollais.com

Flock ewes…….

Lot 1

Lot 2

Lot 3

Lot 6

Lot 9

Lot 10 

Shearling ewes……

Lot 26

Lot 27

Lot 29 

Lot 32 

Lot 38 

Lot 41

Lot 44 

Ewe lambs…….

Lot 105 

Lot 106 

Lot 109 

Lot 111 

Lot 113 

Lot 115 

Lot 117 

Lot 118 

Lot 121 

Lot 124 

Lot 127 

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