Perdi and Knighton dispersal sale

Having spent various days at the end of last month photographing for the upcoming Perdi and Knighton dispersal of the Rouge, Bleu du Maine, Charollais and Bluefaced Leicester flocks, here are a few of the girls that well and truly caught my eye and a link to the much anticipated catalogue.

All credit to Percy Tait’s breeding decisions over the years and the hard work put in by Will and Jan, this is a sale not to be missed. It takes place in partnership with auctioneers McCartneys and Harrison and Hetherington at Worcester Market on the 31st October.

Take a look at these stunners…..

Lot 7 Perdi Rachelle
Lot 9 – Perdi Rosa
Lot 25
Lot 32
Lot 35 – Perdi Jessi
Lot 44 – Knighton Sugerbabe 
Lot 45 – Knighton Sugar Tits
Lot 70 – Perdi Sophie
Lot 74
Lot 77
Lot 83 – Knighton Verity
Lot 93 – Perdi Twilight
Lot 107
Lot 116
Lot 133 – Knighton Wotsit

That’s just a few of my favourites that stood out on photography day, but believe me there are plenty more! Head over to the Facebook page to see more images and follow the news in the run up to the sale.

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