New brand identity for Chiltern Livestock

This month sees the completion of an exciting brand identity project for Harry Bishop and Emily South of Chiltern Livestock.



Having photographed sheep, pigs, dogs and of course Harry and Emily themselves on countless occasions, Country Girl Media was asked to create a new brand identity for the livestock business, clearly representing the client’s passion of all things livestock.

We started by looking at various design concepts for a clean, modern and contemporary logo for the business which could be used on all marketing materials – web, print, social media, business stationary, banners, adverts and clothing.

Chiltern Livestock logo design 

From here we have incorporated some of the imagery taken over the last few years to produce a set of business stationary before then moving on to designing a website.

Chiltern Livestock compliment slip

The website, which has been built in a fully responsive manner, showcases the various livestock enterprises the couple manage and clearly shows the love they have while managing the stock. Take a look round here at what Harry and Emily have to offer.

Chiltern Livestock website

Chiltern Livestock show banner

Next stop for us will be to produce a bespoke clothing range for the couple alongside a full set of show and sale marketing material which will include banners, pen sheets and flyers. Here’s hoping some events can happen in the agricultural calendar, as these guys will be hard to miss at a show now!

Its been an absolute pleasure getting to know and working with Harry and Emily, they’re a credit to young farmers trying to achieve their way in this tough industry and the Country Girl Media team wishes them all the very best in their future endeavours, we look forward to being part of it with you.

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