Worcester preview – Saturday 7th August

This Saturday sees a rather busy day for Country Girl Media clients as sales take place for Texels, Southdowns and Dutch Spotted sheep.

Below are a few from various clients, so anyone looking for any of the above should head to Worcester this weekend. All catalogues for various sales on the day can be found on McCartney’s website.

Loosebeare and Whitehart Production sale 

Here’s a few of the favourite lots from Paul Quick and Nicola and Jim Hartwright…..

Whitehart Lot 1
Whiteheart Lot 11
Whitehart Lot 14 
Loosebeare Lot 21
Loosebeare Lot 41
Loosebeare Lot 45

Southdowns from Jonathan and Sophie Long 

Chaileybrook Lot 88 – ram lamb
Chaileybrook Lot 89 – ram lamb
Chaileybrook Lot 74 – shearling ram
Littlebrook Lot 81 – shearling ram

Dutch Spotted’s 

David Roberts – Boyo 

Lot 503
Lot 502
Lot 501

Janet and Jonathan Corbett – Wedderburn 

Wedderburn Eagle – ram lamb Lot 549
Wedderburn Erasmus – ram lamb Lot 550
Wedderburn Elder – ewe lamb Lot 525
Wedderburn Echinacea – ewe lamb Lot 526

Brian Davies – Ty-Gwyn

Lot 509 – Ty-Gwyn Eve

Tom and Louise Nash – Merryboro 

Lot 532 – Merryboro Elsie
Merryboro Egyptian – ram lamb Lot 552

Sian Jones – Pentre and Rhosymadoc 

Lot 504
Lot 505
Lot 518
Lot 519
Lot 520
Lot 521

Brooke and Avena Parker – Team-Rock 

Team-Rock Ezra Lot 571

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